Savory Potato Breakfast Bowl

Savory Potato Breakfast Bowl

  • Author: Nicole Dawson
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 minutes
  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: 4-6 bowls 1x


Savory Potato Breakfast Bowls are full of filling, hearty ingredients to power you through your morning. This vegan and gluten-free recipe is also freezer-friendly!  



1 bag of Steamables golden potatoes

2 large onion, sliced

4 oz mushrooms, sliced

1 package of vegan sausage, sliced into thirds. 

1 block of extra firm tofu, drained & pressed 

Extra virgin olive oil

salt & pepper to taste

Optional Toppings:

Sliced Avocado

Shredded red cabbage

Roasted Red Pepper


Preheat oven to 400 °.

Microwave bag of Steamables potatoes for 6 minutes (not 8 per bag). 

Meanwhile, pat tofu dry and wrap with a few paper towels.  Lay a heavy pan on top and let sit 10 minutes.  While the tofu is being pressed and the potatoes are in the microwave, prep your veggies & cut “sausage links”, if using. Place sliced onions, mushrooms “sausage” links on one half of your sheet pan, being sure to keep them separate. 

Remove steamed potatoes from bag and cut into medium-sized rounds.  Add potato rounds to the other half of your sheet pan. Drizzle veggies & potatoes with a little olive oil.  Add a sprinkling of salt, pepper and garlic powder then carefully stir, making sure to season all of them. Let cook 20 minutes in the oven. We want these potatoes crispy.  

Meanwhile, unwrap tofu and break into bite-sized crumbles.  And add tofu to medium-sized, hot skillet. Sprinkle tofu with salt + pepper then cook 2 minutes before flipping to cook another 2 minutes. Remove from pan and add spinach with 2 tablespoons of water.  Cook just until wilted. 

Take pan out of oven and divide potatoes between 4 bowls. Add your roasted onions, mushrooms, “sausage”, tofu eggs and wilted spinach in a pinwheel pattern. 

Serve nice and hot with a few slices of avocado.

OR, allow to cool then place in a sealed container and refrigerate until needed. 


*Shorten your time in the kitchen by sautéing potatoes, onions and sausage links together in a large skillet, without doing this in separate steps.  Transfer sauté to bowls then cook your tofu.  Divide ingredients into 4 bowls. The end result will be more like a skillet but the end result will still be delicious. 

**This recipe is completely versatile.  Feel free to change out your veggies, use real scrambled eggs if your diet or allergens allow and omit vegan meat option. 

  • Category: Breakfast
  • Cuisine: Gluten-Free, Vegan, Allergy-friendly
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