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Have you ever pulled up a blog and felt like you were "Kindred Spirits"?  Whether it be, their writing style or sense of humor, type of photography, shared stories or even their mission, there was something that drew you in.  It's so great when that happens and even better when you start talking to those people and find out they really are the real deal.  That is what I felt when I came across the Tasteful Pantry. If you've never heard of it before, then you are in for a treat! The Tasteful Pantry is a resource for those living a healthy, delicious and mindful lifestyle, with an emphasis on ‘free-from’ diets. Their website provides information and advice through their blog, social media, recipes, and product reviews as well as a personal nutrition advice column which is a wonderful resource for anyone living with food restrictions. They also offer two quarterly subscription boxes of wholesome snacks, one that is customizable for dietary restrictions, and one that is low carb and gluten-free. They also have a popular Pinterest page full of some amazing "free-from" recipes. Pretty great stuff, right? They've thought of everything.....including this awesome post about Entertaining for People with Food Restrictions. This is obviously something close to my heart due to my son's food allergies and my vegan lifestyle. Get-togethers, birthdays, and holidays can be difficult for us but it works two ways and I also know how difficult and stressful it can be for the person hosting as well. Thanks to Tasteful Pantry, here are some of their wonderful tips for managing get-togethers so we all can have a successful, happy and stress free time with loved ones.