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How do you make an adult snow-cone? With coffee of course!

  Coffee,,, it's a pretty wonderful drink.  I can drink it hot or cold, but never lukewarm! Morning or late night or even somewhere in between.  It's by far my drink of choice. When I'm not drinking a cup of it,  I'm using it in my recipes!  Have you tried that before? Instead of using the liquid listed, substitute all or half of it with coffee or espresso.  It turns a morning smoothie into a protein packed perk-me-up!  Or a delicious cake into something spectacular.  It turns sweet icing into something decadent.  Basically, it turns great in to amazing! Do you know what else it makes extra special? ICE!  That's right, ice. Think of it as an adult snow-cone, and I don't mean the liquored up kind of sno-cone.  I mean the caffeine infused kind! A Coffee Granita.

Cup of PSLHappy Fall Ya'll or should I say Happy PSL Ya'll? 

The kids have barely been back to school and the leaves have yet to turn colors, but with the official return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, I can safely say Fall has returned. 

 If you are reading this post, then you are probably one of MANY that squealed with joy, tweeted your excitement and posted selfies holding this favorite seasonal coffee drink.  You can admit, I've seen the photos!