In My Pantry

In My Pantry

When it comes to kitchen tools, I think everyone has the essentials but sometimes it’s nice to know what others are using or can’t live without.  I’m a sucker for buying anything kitchen related, but this short list below includes the items I just wouldn’t want to live without.

in my pantry


Hopefully this list will come in handy for you when you are starting to stock your Allergy-friendly pantry.  These items listed are BY FAR the most used items that I find myself constantly re-buying!  

1.Cacao Nibs:  If you aren’t quite certain what these are or why to buy them, let me tell you.  Sweet Cacao nibs are partially ground cacao beans rolled into raw cacao liquor, and then lightly mixed with 100% organic sugar cane juice. Even sweetened, they are soaring with antioxidants as well as trace minerals.  I like to mix blend them to smoothies,  sprinkle them onto “nice” cream, cereal, or non-dairy yogurt. They are a healthier version of chocolate chips, so go ahead, eat a handful and don’t feel guilty.

  1. Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips: You’ll want to buy the 6-pack for sure!  THese are the BEST TOP 8 Free chocolate chips around!  They bake perfectly into any dessert just like a chocolate chip should or work great when making melted chocolate. These have been a lifesaver!  And in case you bake as much as I do, Enjoy Life now has a Dash Button so you’ll never have to run out.
  1. Bob’s Gluten Free 1-to-1 Mix: I don’t know how I baked gluten-free without this!  Well actually I do… was horribly!  I’ve tried making my own flour blends and tried other premade blends and none have given me the consistent baking results that this blend has.  Simply substitute 1 cup of Bob’s blend for 1 cup of regular flour and that’s it!
  1. SunButter: Oh, let me count the ways I love this product!  I truly grin ear-to-ear when my shipment of this arrives!  My kids go through it in no time and I bake with it any chance I get.  Make cookies, add it to smoothies, layer it between your favorite bread or scoop some out to dip your sliced apples in!  You eat it just like PB but it’s completely TOP 8 FREE!  It comes in several different varieties but I love the natural crunch, natural & especially love that it comes in convenient On-the-Go Packs.
  1. Dandies Marshmallows: I needed a marshmallow to take the place of those traditional ones which are loaded with yucky ingredients (including gelatin made from animal). These are not only delicious on their own, they are a perfect substitution for roasting over campfires or baking with.  They are vegan, Non-GMO, kosher & made with natural ingredients. That also means no High Fructose Corn Syrup.
  1.  Sweeteners: I may be a health coach, but I still love to bake!  That means, I need to find some healthier alternative to sweeten up my recipes.  Sometimes, a date or 2 will do but typically I reach for one of these.  Lundberg Liquid Brown Rice Syrup is a lightly sweet, honey-colored, smooth,  nutritive sweetener about one half as sweet as sugar. It is a healthful, tasty alternative for those who watch their sugar intake. Bake with it, pour it over ice cream or pancakes, or stir it into your favorite coffee. OR Wholesome Organic Cane Sugar is the perfect 1-to-1 replacement for granulated sugar.  It is organic, vegan (yes, most sugars are NOT vegan), gluten-free certified.
  1. Rolled Oats: Although oats don’t contain gluten, they are often processed with gluten products and become contaminated.  Because I like to eat as gluten-free as possible, I always buy Bob’s GF Rolled Oats. They are a must in my pantry because you can make so much with them, including hot cereal, granola, bars, cookies, muffins,  etc.  You can also grind it up to make your own oat flour.   
  1. Egg Replacer:  Thankfully, there are a lot of egg replacers to pick from, although not all of them produce great baked goods.  Typically, I use flax egg and even started trying aquafaba but if you want a faithful, consistent, replacer, then Ener-G makes an awesome blend and that is the one you want!
  1. Flax Meal & Chia Seeds: There was a time when no one knew what these little seeds were but today, we know that they are considered Superfoods!  Loaded with healthy fats, fiber & heart healthy nutrients.  Other than providing a powerhouse of goodness, both of these can be as an egg replacer, sprinkled on to smoothies, cereals, salads or cleverly added to baked goods. They are naturally gluten-free but make sure the label also says so to avoid cross- contamination.

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