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Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Muffins Poor little muffins,,,,,. They're never invited to be the star at a birthday party or baby shower, they don't get all the beautiful frosting and decorations and most of the time, they are just wrapped up or boxed up only to be consumed as a quick and easy breakfast option. I'll admit, I don't like very many store bought muffins.  They are too dry, too fake tasting, too sticky, too sugary, too boring, too whatever.  So I totally get why cupcakes are favored, however, what if there was a muffin that was soft & fluffy like a cupcake, rich & chocolatey like a cupcake, but healthy enough for breakfast and indulgent enough for dessert?  Well, there is!

Avocado Pudding Have you jumped on the bandwagon yet? For chocolate, avocado mousse that is. Before you start cringing up your nose or before you chime in with "my kid (or husband) will NOT eat that", let me tell you why you will want to try this. First of all, there is no added sugar. Secondly, it is amazingly creamy, rich & decadent without all the calories. Third, this dessert has nutrients (bonus points for this). Fourth, it's easy to make. Finally, although most important, Chocolate! So when you have a chocolate craving that you want to fix fast, but you don't want to ruin your diet in the process or fill your kids with garbage treats, then this is a MUST MAKE.

Toasted Oat & Yogurt Bowl I'm going to take you back for a moment (some of us a little farther back) to remember your childhood and what your mother or father would tell you about breakfast.  They probably said that it was the most important part of the day, right?  And,,,, more than likely, we tell our kids the exact same thing, but do we actually "eat" what we "preach"?

Breakfast is designed to supply a third of the macro and micronutrients your body needs to run without a hitch.  It prevents growling stomachs, low blood sugar shakiness, or wandering attention to keep you from nailing those big goals you’ve made for yourself.

So what are you eating each morning to prevent those things from happening? A cup of coffee gulped down on the go? A sugary donut or muffin eaten at your desk? Nothing at all?

Your body deserves so much better than that, and so do you!

Sunbutter Surprise Cupcakes
  Heaven is only a bite away!  Dark cacao & espresso cupcakes would be pretty amazing on its own, but then your reach the surprise in the middle which is a bite of Sunbutter, and your mouth will thank you. I feel silly even bragging about these since most food bloggers share the recipes they are proud of, however, when my husband tells me that I never have to make another cupcake ever again, then I know I created a winner. This cupcake actually started as a muffin for Xander.  Each week, I make for him a batch of baked goods, consisting of 2 eggs which he is required to eat for his oral desensitization.  The goal was to make these less sweet, without icing, include the superfood, cacao in place of cocoa, and keep away from vegetable oils.  Our Xman was thrilled to eat his "medicine", but I still wanted an eggless version.  So I turned these dark chocolate beauties into a Vegan treat by substituting Neat eggs in place of  free-range brown eggs and you would never tell the difference. 

Chocolate Chip Muffins Collage
CC Muffins
This is the first post I'm sharing that is not completely Vegan (gasp!) as it contains eggs.
I know, I know,,,,,"how could you?".  Well, the answer is simple....I don't want my food allergic child to die.
To some, this may not make any sense, as its hard enough for me to wrap my head around.  For the past 9 years, we have been telling our X-man NOT to eat ANYTHING that contains eggs as it has sent him into anaphylaxis before. But after his last Dr. appointment and another round of skin testing, we decided to challenge egg since his level dropped just so slightly.

Christmas cake Collage
Almost too pretty to eat, but you'll want to anyways! Snowy white Eggnog flavored cake with layers of cranberry glaze for the perfect Holiday blend cake. V & free of dairy, eggs, soy & nuts Each Christmas day, we begin by having cake for breakfast. It's become our family tradition and way of celebrating the "reason for the season" before the gift opening begins. For years, the kids would help make the cake and decorate it but as they are getting older their calendars are now full of activities and sports and I've started making the cake on my own.  I'm pretty sure I could still make it happen and have them help, but I kinda like the quiet in the kitchen and being able to have a cake without funfetti sprinkles or multi-colored globs of icing everywhere.

Deliciously dairy-free Hot Cocoa mix, perfect for 1 mug or 10. Top 8 free & vegan
Deliciously rich, hot cocoa mix. Top 8 free "Ohhhhhh, the weather outside is frightful....but this Cocoa's so delightful,,,,." To be perfectly honest, the weather outside is B-E-A-U-tiful  (60 degrees and only 5 days away from Christmas) & the Cocoa is still so delightful but this doesn't make for a great song, does it? Regardless of the unseasonably warm weather, December holiday festivities have continued, the latest event being the showing of The Polar Express at my son's school that included a special delivery of Hot Chocolate for their viewing. I'm pretty sure most parents wouldn't even blink at hearing that but for us Food Allergy Mom's, it's a completely different story, and thankfully, my son has a teacher who called and gave me a "heads up".

Chocolate Mint cookies with snowy sweet crinkle tops are the perfect holiday cookie. Vegan & nut free.
Light and pillowy crinkle cookies, dusted with snowy caps of sugar are a wonderful addition to any Holiday table. DF,EF,NF (Gluten free option) It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas.......in my home that is. The scent of cocoa, chocolate & mint are swirling in the air and making me really hungry! It IS my fault since I'm the one baking these sweet delights, but I absolutely LOVE the smell of fresh-baked cookies, don't you? I also absolutely LOVE eating fresh-baked cookies, especially chocolate minty ones, like these Chocolate Crinkle Cookies. What makes them extra special, is the minty flavor, which I think makes them even more Holiday-ish (I know that's not officially a word, but it works, right?).

This fluffy treat will AMAZE you! The secret ingredient ...chickpea brine. V & GF
Whipped marshmallow fluff, completely Egg-free made with a secret ingredient (chickpea brine) This recipe is going to amaze you! Marshmallow fluff made without eggs, how awesome is that?  I couldn't figure out just how to duplicate this much desired treat and then some genius discovered that you can use the whipped brine from chickpeas to mimic the consistency of whipped egg whites.  Pretty, stinking amazing, right? I think so!