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Looking for a quick treat to make your guests this holiday season?  Look no further because I have an incredibly easy, deliciously creamy, SunButter pumpkin pie  that you'll want to be making. 

  It actually started out as a non-peanut butter fudge that just didn't turn out solid enough.  But what it did have, was this wonderfully sweet and decadent flavor that I just couldn't resist.  Then that little light bulb in my head went off and all I could think of was remaking it as a pie filling!  And "wha-la" an allergy-friendly, top 8 free, gluten-free & vegan dessert.  Are you ready to get baking? 

Rise and shine! You don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to enjoy fresh free-from muffins. Just add water and oil to Enjoy Life's ready-to-use mix, and breakfast is looking pretty delicious.

Baking on a restricted diet can be difficult at times... especially in the beginning. I remember how overwhelming it seemed when I had to learn how to read labels,  learn to bake all over again with substitutions, and then learn how to shop find new & safe brands to buy! Thankfully, I found Enjoy Life Foods early on. Enjoy Life Foods is one of my favorite allergy-friendly brands!  Their whole philosophy is about forfeiting the bad stuff without giving up taste or texture. Love that!  I always have in my pantry a few bags of their chocolate chips, a box or two of cookies and my son, Xander, loves their bars!   They recently came out with a few boxed mixes and so I just had to try them out. Typically, I would bake from scratch but sometimes, it's nice to have a mix handy (just in case), especially when you're new to baking allergy-friendly.

Cinnamony, sugary sweet, rolled dough baked to sticky perfection. Vegan & nut free. www.xanderfriendlyfoods.coWe're kinda boring when it comes to breakfast Monday -Friday.  It's either oatmeal, a protein shake or toast with SunButter or avocado on top.  That's mostly how we roll here in the Dawson home, so don't feel bad because you haven't made a beautiful pancake stack this week.  I just honestly don't have time for that during the school year, HOWEVER, weekends are a different story!  Weekends are the perfect time to pull out your apron, grab your mixing bowls and make something amazing! Pancakes are great, waffles are wonderful but CINNAMON ROLLS....those are amazing, especially when they are free of dairy, eggs & nuts!

Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Muffins Poor little muffins,,,,,. They're never invited to be the star at a birthday party or baby shower, they don't get all the beautiful frosting and decorations and most of the time, they are just wrapped up or boxed up only to be consumed as a quick and easy breakfast option. I'll admit, I don't like very many store bought muffins.  They are too dry, too fake tasting, too sticky, too sugary, too boring, too whatever.  So I totally get why cupcakes are favored, however, what if there was a muffin that was soft & fluffy like a cupcake, rich & chocolatey like a cupcake, but healthy enough for breakfast and indulgent enough for dessert?  Well, there is!

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CC Muffins
This is the first post I'm sharing that is not completely Vegan (gasp!) as it contains eggs.
I know, I know,,,,,"how could you?".  Well, the answer is simple....I don't want my food allergic child to die.
To some, this may not make any sense, as its hard enough for me to wrap my head around.  For the past 9 years, we have been telling our X-man NOT to eat ANYTHING that contains eggs as it has sent him into anaphylaxis before. But after his last Dr. appointment and another round of skin testing, we decided to challenge egg since his level dropped just so slightly.

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Almost too pretty to eat, but you'll want to anyways! Snowy white Eggnog flavored cake with layers of cranberry glaze for the perfect Holiday blend cake. V & free of dairy, eggs, soy & nuts Each Christmas day, we begin by having cake for breakfast. It's become our family tradition and way of celebrating the "reason for the season" before the gift opening begins. For years, the kids would help make the cake and decorate it but as they are getting older their calendars are now full of activities and sports and I've started making the cake on my own.  I'm pretty sure I could still make it happen and have them help, but I kinda like the quiet in the kitchen and being able to have a cake without funfetti sprinkles or multi-colored globs of icing everywhere.

Chocolate Mint cookies with snowy sweet crinkle tops are the perfect holiday cookie. Vegan & nut free.
Light and pillowy crinkle cookies, dusted with snowy caps of sugar are a wonderful addition to any Holiday table. DF,EF,NF (Gluten free option) It's beginning to smell a lot like my home that is. The scent of cocoa, chocolate & mint are swirling in the air and making me really hungry! It IS my fault since I'm the one baking these sweet delights, but I absolutely LOVE the smell of fresh-baked cookies, don't you? I also absolutely LOVE eating fresh-baked cookies, especially chocolate minty ones, like these Chocolate Crinkle Cookies. What makes them extra special, is the minty flavor, which I think makes them even more Holiday-ish (I know that's not officially a word, but it works, right?).