Protein bites that taste like Heaven in your mouth. No bake, loaded with only "good for you" ingredients & Top 8 Free.

Have you ever just wanted something to eat? You don't know what that something is, but you've got to find it and will eat through the pantry in an effort to satisfy it.  Well friends, this is what your stomach has been longing for! This little blissful bite of protein, not only satisfies any sweet tooth, but it's perfect for all you snackers, breakfast-skippers, people on-the-go, non-cooks, protein junkies, food-allergy friends, & vegan foodies,,,,,REALLY! SunButter Craisin Protein Bites will satisfy any craving and you won't feel guilty if you eat 2 (because you will).

Sweet mango & mashed avocado is heavenly, especially with the added crunch of jicama in these delightful spring rolls. Spring Rolls I absolutely love looking out to my back yard through our bay window.  Although the trees are bare and the grass is brown, the site of beautiful red cardinals grazing off the bird feeder, all but makeup for the lack of color due to winter months. And although it is still a little chilly some days, the sunlight warms the room and reminds me that Spring isn't too far off. This sunlight, not only makes this the perfect sitting area for gazing, but it also makes this the perfect place for ripening those stone fruits not quite recipe ready.  The mango and avocado I recently purchased from the market have patiently been sitting on the table, just waiting for the sun to ripen & sweeten them up for the perfect recipe. Meanwhile, as the sun was doing its thing, there was this wonderfully, crunchy jicama just waiting to join the party as I had something wonderful in store for them. Mango Avocado Spring Rolls with a Spicy Lime Dipping Sauce.

Mixed Berry Pepper Jelly There is an abundance of peppers growing in my garden, so much so, I can barely keep up with using them.  I've frozen some, made salsa, incorporated them into sauces and meals and even-handed them out in little brown bags to the adults during Halloween (I seriously have that many!). I felt like I was running out of ideas on how else to use these Serrano, until I ran across a jar of pepper jelly in my fridge and was inspired to make my own homemade jelly. 

Mango Berry Guac

One of my absolute favorite fruits would be an Avocado!  First and foremost, I enjoy the taste of them, especially when they are ripe. There is this subtle, buttery taste and texture that blends so well with whatever it is paired with. Then there's the health benefits!  Avocado's have moderate to high doses of vitamins such as potassium, B, C, E, & K as well as being high in the necessary fats our bodies need to function.  Being vegan and having to avoid nuts due to food allergies in the home,  I appreciate being able to get these fats from sources other than animals or allergens.  And on top of that, this alligator pear is quite versitile     

Did you notice that I called an avocado a fruit? No wonder I like it so much!  It is actually part of the berry family and once you see it as a fruit, it opens up a whole new world for creativity in the kitchen. You have options for sweet and spicy, from adding avocados into fruit smoothies, blending it with cacao to make pudding, mixing into salads, topping it on breakfast hash or any type of sandwich, or just eating it plain with a dash of salt and pepper. The possibilities are numerous.  I especially enjoy avocados in the form of guacamole.  I think I could really just live on a big bowl of "GUAC".