Mixed Berry Pepper Jelly There is an abundance of peppers growing in my garden, so much so, I can barely keep up with using them.  I've frozen some, made salsa, incorporated them into sauces and meals and even-handed them out in little brown bags to the adults during Halloween (I seriously have that many!). I felt like I was running out of ideas on how else to use these Serrano, until I ran across a jar of pepper jelly in my fridge and was inspired to make my own homemade jelly. 

Mango Berry Guac

One of my absolute favorite fruits would be an Avocado!  First and foremost, I enjoy the taste of them, especially when they are ripe. There is this subtle, buttery taste and texture that blends so well with whatever it is paired with. Then there's the health benefits!  Avocado's have moderate to high doses of vitamins such as potassium, B, C, E, & K as well as being high in the necessary fats our bodies need to function.  Being vegan and having to avoid nuts due to food allergies in the home,  I appreciate being able to get these fats from sources other than animals or allergens.  And on top of that, this alligator pear is quite versitile     

Did you notice that I called an avocado a fruit? No wonder I like it so much!  It is actually part of the berry family and once you see it as a fruit, it opens up a whole new world for creativity in the kitchen. You have options for sweet and spicy, from adding avocados into fruit smoothies, blending it with cacao to make pudding, mixing into salads, topping it on breakfast hash or any type of sandwich, or just eating it plain with a dash of salt and pepper. The possibilities are numerous.  I especially enjoy avocados in the form of guacamole.  I think I could really just live on a big bowl of "GUAC". 

Healthy & nutritious, Top 8 Free, homemade granola bars. 

Homemade granola bar, loaded with only good stuff. Top 8 free!

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Say goodbye to boxed granola bars! These delicious, no-bake, Vegan and Allergy-free bars will have your kids begging for more and you won't feel guilty for saying "yes".

These bars were inspired by the 'not-so-healthy", "not-so-allergy-friendly" bars on the market today.  I cannot tell you how many times I've just stood and stared at the rows and rows of bars in the grocery aisle.  Have you ever done that?  It can be overwhelming just looking at all the choices but then take into consideration trying to find ones that are allergy-safe, and that's a whole nother level of stress. There have been a few times when I thought "this is it, I think I found a bar that is healthy", but then read through the ingredients only to see that it contains 1 or more of our allergens. 

Because of this, there aren't very many bars that I can safely recommend, so I decided to make my own homemade granola bar.  This recipe is by far our favorite and since they never last long, so be sure to make an extra batch! I call it our "Go Go Granola Bar" because it's perfect for moms, dads and kids on the go, and they go rather quickly :). It's also perfect for those of us who want a healthy bar, filled with real food, good fats, protein and none of the Top 8 allergens!