Beyond Baking

Beyond Baking

beyond baking
  1. Cookie Scoops: This Kitchen Aid Gourmet Cookie Scoop is probably one of my most used kitchen tools. The small size allows you to perfectly fill mini cupcakes, scoop cookies and truffle dough. They’re are super sturdy come in super cute colors, like this dark teal (perfect for showing your food allergy support).
  2. Measuring Spoons: Spring Chef Heavy Duty Measuring Spoons is a “must have” kitchen tool.  I absolutely love their rectangular design which allows them to easily fit into spice jars so I don’t have to keep popping off the lids!
  3. Spatulas:  I have a ton of spatulas laying in my kitchen drawer but always reach for my di Oeo Living 3 Piece Set. These are not flimsy spatulas by any means. They hold their shape, are high heat resistant, and their edges are shaped to make scraping, mixing and tasting super easy.
  4. Cooling Racks: Let’s face it, not all of us have a ton of counter or storage space, so that’s why these Wilton 3-Tier Cooling Racks are so handy.  They stack right on top of each other and collapse for easy storing.  Baking 3 sheets of cookies is now completely doable.
  5. Icing Spatulas: If you make a lot of cakes or cupcakes like I do, then the Professional 4-Piece Set will make you happy. This set includes 2 offset spatulas and 2 straight blades which make it easy to cover everything from cookies to large cakes a breeze.
  6. Stand Mixer: This was on my Christmas list several years ago and is still one of my favorite gifts ever received.  I absolutely adore my KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer. It’s my “go-to” and BFF in the kitchen and I don’t know how I ever lived without it.
  7. Silpat: I use to always use parchment paper when making cookies but would hate it when I forgot I was all out and had to use spray instead.  Thankfully, I now have these Non-stick Silicone Baking Mats  which take the place of parchment paper, wax paper & even cooking sprays.  I just lay them on the bottom of my baking sheet and bake like usual.   The cookies always turn out amazing.
  8. Cupcake Pan: I am absolutely obsessed with cupcakes, so when I stumbled upon this 24 well cupcake pan, I had to have it. Not only does it cut down on your baking time, it’s heavier construction & non-stick coating bakes cupcakes and muffins to perfection. It also comes in a 48 well mini muffin size so you can make even more adorable cupcakes & muffins!
  9. Decorating Tip Set:  Buying pre-made birthdays is no longer an option so decorating tools have come in handy over the years when making my own allergy-safe treats.  This little set has all the perfect shapes for covering cakes, cupcakes, cookies and even using it to fill in pastries or even something as simple as making SunButter filled dates.
  10. Baking Sheets: I bake a lot, and my kids love baking so we rely on quality baking sheets. My absolute favorite sheets are from AirBake Natural Cookie Sheet. Their air insulation prevents overbaking and their micro-dome technology can reduce baking time, so you can eat those cookies sooner!
  11.  Coffee Grinder: If you know me, I typically have a cup of coffee in my hand, especially when baking.  However, this Krups Coffee Grinder isn’t just for coffee!  This also comes in handy when making flax meal or chia meal so there is no need to buy a bag of it really when you can just grind it up yourself.

Those are my Top 11 Must-Have Essential Kitchen Tools. I hope this list helps you out when you’re in the market for new baking tools. If you have comments or questions regarding any of these products, feel free to comment below.


What are your favorite baking tools that you couldn’t live without?

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