Follow my blog with Bloglovin Salt and vinegar dress up these sweet potato bites for a mouth watering, tangy & delicious take on a classic potato chip. My salt & vinegar love affair started back when I was a child in Canada.  I used to love the Hostess brand with little devils on the front of the bag.  Those seemed to pack the most punch and made my mouth pucker more than any other.  I'm pretty sure there was a time or two that I ate so many chips that I could no longer feel my tongue!  Despite both the pain and delight I put my mouth through, my love affair continued. Eventually, I graduated from chips and moved on to french fries but the combination of salty and tangy were still my favorite. Crispy fries, salted with a heavy hand then drizzled with malt vinegar was the way to eat them.  Ketchup need not be applied. Today, I still crave the combination of salt and vinegar!  But this time, I've created my own, healthier version of a childhood favorite using sweet potatoes, sea salt and malt vinegar (keep reading for GF version).  These are just as delicious, but without the guilt.Simply slice your sweet potatoes into 1" rounds, steam in a steamer basket until fork tender, then "SMASH"! (I just love saying that!)  Drizzle with a little olive oil, sprinkle with salt, pepper & fresh thyme then bake in a hot oven. Once the edges are nice & crispy, remove from oven, salt 'em up and drizzle with as much malt vinegar as you can handle.  ...

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