Puréed cannellini beans give this soup its velvety texture, without the need for heavy cream or calories.  Beans, beans and more beans!  They never get old, really :).  With so many varieties, cooking methods and uses, I could eat beans everyday.  In fact, I think I have this month.  One of my favorite ways of using beans is by adding them to soup, and this velvety smooth, Cannellini Beans & Greens Soup is a delicious one I'd love for you to try!  This soup is especially good if you are craving a silky smooth soup without the heaviness of cream.   It is rich in protein and veggies, free from dairy or cream, it's always free from nuts.  It's clean eating at its finest. The secret is this amazing flavor and texture is quite simple.  Let the onions and carrots cook until softened, add in your garlic & spices then let those flavors mingle together before you add in your beans.  Once all the ingredients have had a chance to marry, carefully puree your soup until nice and smooth. The richness of the beans is what creates this creamy finish, no need to add any dairy! Finally, add those crunchy garlic chips on top of each serving and you've just created a "BAM" moment as Emeril liked to say. Make this today! [cookbook_recipe id="16603"] Need More Bean-spiration? Papas Nachos - are the bomb Pad Thai- will bring a smile to your face Breakfast Burritos- makes morning a little easier  New Year Goals Have you made a New Year's Resolut...

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